Sorry, I won’t be making a statement, at least not yet

I have decided to hold out on posting a statement about my absence from the band, in the hope that things can be worked out. It is not my will or intent to hurt the band or it’s reputation. Disagreements are bound to come up in 20 years of cooperation, and no one side is ever totally right. Let’s see if we can’t work this thing out. I for one am willing to do so.
Guðmundur Óli Pálmason


14 thoughts on “Sorry, I won’t be making a statement, at least not yet

  1. 4-1 says:

    The Bitch In Black is no Ljós í Stormi. She Destroys Again. Love Is The Devil and makes Masterpiece of Bitterness. Is 78 Days In The Desert time to see?


  2. I will keep hope in my heart. You have all come so far. Solstafir is four of the most wonderfully talented men working together as a giant force. Best wishes to you all.


  3. Agustin Luque says:

    Hi, i’m Agustín. I’m just an ignorable argentinean teenager, i saw your writtings and for some reason, i felt i had to tell you this. I’m not very good speaking.

    Dont guide yourself by what other people want. Even if i personally want you very very much in the band, REALLY don’t take care of that point. Do what YOU feel is better. Be happy. cheer up!

    So basing me on this, i wanted you to ask yourself:
    “Would I really be happy if you left the band? Do I really feel is the right decision?…”
    please.. after reading this, make you that question.
    Even if you don’t come back, comprension and talking is good.

    i understand and i won’t interrupt you in your personal things, but i’m just surprised, by what kind of little fury could make an awesome band break so easy?

    So i repeat, I understand im just another one of the too many internet fans of the band, and i wont annoy you requesting you to answer me, but if you had the patience to read this, please, take care about what i said.
    We admire you Gummi, and we hope the best for your decision.


      • Agustin Luque says:

        Sorry, i missunderstood some things.
        So if you are saying they expulsed you.. is it right or reasonable what they did? You can always request logic explainations. And i dont think you made something so bad that they had to do expulse you. and if you did it, you should fix things and shit. If they did not hurt you or something, i have to say: great friendships do not break, and you are a great friendship.
        Sorry if I missunderstood again but i just want to help you or something

        By the way, is it true that you made the vídeo for ‘She destroys again’? It’s so well done


  4. The Reaper of the Rift says:

    Gummi, shit ain’t the same without you in the band. The fans do feel your absence.
    I’ve seen you guys, live, a lot of times, all around Europe, and I’ll be damned if I have to go to one of Sólstafir’s gigs without you drumming the shit out of it.
    Until then, I’ll follow your photography projects.
    There’ll always be people backing you up, man. Keep up the good work.
    I hope it all turns out alright and see you soon.


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