So my personal profile is blocked from posting on Sólstafir’s Facebook page

Last night it came to my attention that my ex-bandmates of Sólstafir have opened a new webstore. A fan had asked if the band intended to share the royalties with me or if they intended to steal it. Their replay to her question was “No worries – All royalties are split according to law and regulations.” My answer to that was simply: “That hasn’t been the case so far”.
I haven’t commented on the Sólstafir Facebook page in months, the very same Facebook page that I alone created, and I alone maintained and operated for 7 years. Aðalbjörn Tryggvason and his manager Erin Lynch were (and still are) admins on the page, and on the night of January 19th, while they most likely knew I was out celebrating my girlfriend’s birthday they made a hostile takeover of the page (along with the band’s name and copyrighted material, as is chronicled in my previous blog (see link below).
So now I am blocked from the very page I created (the girl who asked the question is too and all uncomfortable questions deleted). I can no longer fend for myself on there if I feel the need to do so. I can’t “like” posts and questions from fans. Again Aðalbjörn and Erin try to sweep the whole dirty matter under the carpet.
I do urge you to share this and my previous posts and voice your opinion to the band, look in your heart and see if you care to support the band or not, until all matters are fairly sorted out in court. Thank you for the support, it really has meant the world to me!
Guðmundur Óli Pálmason
Founding member of Sólstafir 1995-2015


5 thoughts on “So my personal profile is blocked from posting on Sólstafir’s Facebook page

  1. They will NOT receive a single cent from me. While I believe (as Oli has stated) that there are always two sides to the story, he is the one who has been the victim of his bandmates disgusting actions. I will no longer support Solstafir as I believe that band ceased to exist once they decided to move on without Oli.

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  2. Agustín luque says:

    Sorry gummi but it’s difficult to us (your fans) to make an opinion if we don’t know what happened before your expulsion. Try to explain what these personal conflicts were. It’s like if you were to the cinema, and you said your opinion about your view on the movie (the perspective you had on it) to a person, but the other person has not seen the movie. The result will be the person will make its thoughts basing them on your opinion, but not in the movie. Do you get it? True helpful comments for you will come when you show us the movie (the personal conflicts you mention). It’s difficult to us to make an opinion about your opinions. And you said a lot of things about what your ex-mates did, but you did not said anything about what were these personal conflicts, as far I know. We can’t force you to say them, obviously, but we could help you very much more if you tell us about it. And if you say it, try also to say what things exactly you did wrong. Sorry if I misspelled some word and sorry if I said something wrong, just think about it.
    Hope you have a nice day by the way!


  3. nunatak says:

    Whatever the “personal conflicts” are, they dont justify what adalbjörn did and how it was done by the remaining members…i.e. kicking a founding member out of the band….
    fight and defend…time will come into the land
    we send you strength and resilience

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  4. mike says:

    Fight for you rights, mate. Don’t let Tryggvason and consortes treat you like some hired hand that can be fired whenever they want. You were a part of this band (I use past tense because for me Solstafir doesn’t exist any more…) and you have every right to get what’s yours.
    Don’t give up and take care. Greetings from Poland!

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